Trycycle - Baby Driver comport comport Sport

Tricycle Baby Driver Comfort: Modern design, ultra handy, comfortable and with a hoop of activities. Scalable follows your child from 10 months. Robust metal frame silent and adherent Wheels EVA, ergonomic seat and adjustable three positions with headrest and cover, Canopy adjustable easily, Patented release handlebar for parents to have full control of the direction, without the children can interfere with the handlebar, Coasting: unlocking pedals, a nursery bag in the colors of tricycle


The Baby Driver Comfort Sport: a trendy and sporty design for children and their parents New Baby Driver comfort Smoby combines modern design, maneuverability, and comfort for the delight of children and parents. The Baby Driver Comfort range is scalable and adapts to your baby's development at ten months. You can adapt your baby Driver Comfort tricycle according to your needs. Features: awakening baby with the arch of activities: - Steering and horn - Key "jack-jack" - Shifter - Mirrors - Tipper Comfort and safety: - robust metal frame - silent and adherent Wheels EVA - head and seat belt - ergonomic seat with headrest and cover - Canopy design adjustable quickly - footrest for baby - soft wheels for less noise - slip pedals Scalable: - removable headband with ease - Refitting retractable legs - Supports removable head and canopy - Handlebar adjustable seat - Removable Adjustable Rod Innovation: - Patented unlocking the handlebars so that parents have full control of the direction, without the kids to interfere with the handlebar. - Freewheeling: unlock the pedals so that when the child does not feel like pedaling, the pedals do not continue to run. For parents: - the mirrors with real mirrors to keep an eye on the child, even with the canopy - adjustable cane three positions and removable - an ergonomic handle and pleasant to the touch - a bag nursery colors tricycle Made in Europe.

At a glance:
Minimum age : 10 months
Made in Spain
Educational value : walk run move, psychomotor development
Product Dimensions : 66.5 x 50 x 59 cm
Requires batteries : No


Main Features:
Scalable: adapts to the needs of children from 10 months to 3 years and up
Innovative: Patented Parental guidance through parental cane
Contributes to the baby awake with removable arch activity with ease
Ergonomic & comfortable: everything has been designed in every detail for the well-being of the child (footrest and headrest, seat cover, seat ...) and parents (cane, bag)
Silent: silent and adherent Wheels EVA
Clever: Canopy Way to protect baby from the sun. Retro to monitor the baby during the ride.

Eitech NCT1500R baby Swing

When a baby swing has great added value to back relief. This is connected with the fact that many products specify due to the fixed seat, a supine position, especially the spine loaded. For this reason, this is a hanging swing that must be attached to the ceiling and not lying and sitting position pretending because they adapt to the baby.

Also regarding security has not been saved to necessary resources. This baby swing a is pinching the hands impossible since no stand crosses the path of the handles. Rather the concern should be that the child falls out while the manufacturers but also going by integrated a strap and swing designed inherently stable.

A significant advantage of Eitech NCT1500R is the high load capacity of up to 50 kilograms, thanks to which not only babies but also infants joy can be found at the swings. Only in the area practicality disadvantages can be found. Thus, the designed attaching the swing more difficult than other products and takes a lot of time and preparation to complete.

Does the rocking first time on the ceiling, they can be taken down again just like with time. Therefore, the baby swing can not just be taken and be placed in a different location, as this is not so easily fails. Additional time is lost when the way what needs to be filled by one person.


Ways to play with your baby: 3-6 months